Tom Yum Cooking Kit

Oferta Tom Yum Cooking Kit Taste of Asia

Tom Yum is one of the most famous Thai dishes. It’s a bit spicy and sour mixture with citrus tones derived from lemon juice and kaffir rind. The soup can be prepared with chicken, pork or fish, but the shrimp version (or Tom Yum Goong in Thai) is the classic Thai dish.

Tom Yum Cooking Kit from Lobo contains only fresh ingredients and is very easy to use. You only have to add shrimps and mushrooms. You can prepare a delicious soup in just 10 minutes!

How to cook:

  • Prepare the shrimps (200g), white mushrooms (100g), Tom Yum Cooking Kit (1 pack)
  • Boil the water (480ml); after boiling add 50g of hot Tom Yum paste
  • Add 100ml of coconut milk with 10g of dried spices
  • Add the shrimps and mushrooms
  • Stir until the soup is ready.

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